Achieving Self-Empowerment - Stephynie Malik

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Recorded On: 05/12/2022

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This is the recording of the THRIVE Virtual 2022: Achieving Self-Empowerment.

What does empowerment mean to you? Some of the many responses to this question include becoming stronger and more confident; having the freedom to make choices; getting respect and confidence; seeing something and saying something; and taking control of your life—personally and professionally. 

Join this breakout session with powerhouse Malik for real, actionable guidance around these important areas of empowerment. She will coach you on having difficult conversations and addressing uncomfortable environments, taking your power back, being equipped to take action, and more.

Come to this session prepared to interact with Malik and share your story.

Stephynie Malik


SMALIK Enterprises

Fresh on the heels of a successful career of more than 25 years, including as the award-winning chief executive officer of a global consulting firm for more than a decade, Malik—a serial entrepreneur who spearheaded multimillion-dollar acquisitions and mergers while working with more than 11 startups globally—took the next step into her journey as a business transformation and crisis specialist. She founded SMALIK Enterprises with one goal in mind: to help others and promote change through her proven strategies and methodologies. Hailed as an expert negotiator and skilled crisis management consultant, Malik helps top-notch athletes, executives, and businesses take their careers and organizations to the next level while also resolving high-conflict and crisis cases for individuals and companies globally.


Recording: Achieving Self-Empowerment - Stephynie Malik
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