ASA 2020 Staffing Connect - Virtual Conference

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The ASA 2020 Virtual Staffing Connect events deliver two tracks of content: one for owners and c-suite executives and the other for sales, recruiting, and marketing professionals. The session recordings content for this virtual event includes a Q&A session with the ASA legal team.

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    This is the recording of the 2020 ASA Virtual Staffing Connect—Day Two General Session: Put a Cherry on Top: Generosity in Life and Leadership. Please click on the title of the recording to continue.

    Especially in challenging times, being a source of energy and leadership is inspiring and valuable to those around you. In this one-of-a-kind session, you will learn about how staffing industry veteran Joyce Russell has sparked a new social movement to bring generosity, optimism, and personal courage into your work and life. From selling her family farm’s tomatoes with her tacklebox cash register to serving as president of Adecco Staffing US, her story is inspiring, humorous, and energizing. Her passion for motivating and rewarding people is contagious. Join Russell as she shares this uniquely helpful information and skills that are easily transferable to your daily challenges—focusing on building strong relationships and inspiring loyalty by creating memorable experiences.

    Joyce Russell

    President, Adecco Group US Foundation

    Adecco Group US Foundation

    Russell is president of the Adecco Group US Foundation, which launched in January 2019 and focuses on upskilling and reskilling American workers and helping to ensure work equality for all. Russell has firmly established her reputation and passion for working with people and providing new opportunities for both employees and companies. She constantly strives for growth both personally and professionally, while remaining focused on work-related programs, partnerships, and investments that create greater economic opportunity for American workers. In 1987, Russell joined Adecco as a branch manager in Charlotte, NC. From 2004 to 2018, she served as the president of Adecco Staffing US, leading the largest business unit of Adecco Group North America—with more than 450 branch locations, approximately 1,800 colleagues, and a diverse portfolio of clients. Russell is a member of the ASA board of directors, the Committee of 200, Paradigm for Parity, and Women Corporate Directors. She was included on Staffing Industry Analysts’ first Global Power 100—Women in Staffing list and has been a panelist at the World Economic Forum and the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit. She holds a degree in business and communications from Baylor University.

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    This is the recording of the 2020 ASA Virtual Staffing Connect—Day Two Breakout session, Producer track: Confidence and the Self-Promotion Gap. Please click on the title of the recording to continue.

    The vast majority of women leaders (69%) avoid promoting and celebrating their achievements, according to a recent study published by Forbes. According to the research, women instead have been conditioned to admire and promote the successes of other women—at the cost of spotlighting their own. This self-promotion gap creates a negative effect when women attempt to seek a promotion, start a business, land a new client or contract, or move into the c-suite. In a recent op-ed, “Brag More,” Carol Sankar discusses this double standard of modesty. The article and analysis aim to help women become more confident, take pride in their accomplishments, and constructively and effectively promote themselves as they seek growth opportunities and success. During this session, Sankar will discuss why self-promotion is essential to the careers of women, how to eliminate the stigma around perceived arrogance, how self-promotion builds confidence and increase recognizable value in the workplace, and how to leverage achievements to negotiate for more and increase your value.

    Carol Sankar

    founder, The Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership

    Sankar is a business consultant and the founder of the Confidence Factor for Women, which is a global executive leadership firm focused on inclusion initiatives for high-level women. Carol has been featured at TEDx, The Steve Harvey Show, Fast Company, Inc. magazine, Columbia Business School, and more. In addition, she is a contributor for Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines.

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    This is the recording of the 2020 ASA Virtual Staffing Connect—Day Two Breakout session, Executive track: Staffing in a Covid-19 World. Please click on the title of the recording to continue.

    The past and present impact of Covid-19 has fundamentally changed our professional and personal lives in ways we never imagined—from quarantining and sheltering in place; to remote work, furloughs and job loss; to mobilizing health care professionals to hotspots to help those in critical need. This session will provide key insights into what Covid-19 health care professional mobilization has looked like in the most heavily hit areas of our country—including Washington, DC, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, and Georgia—with interactive maps that provide a view into how staffing has evolved over the course of the response. Attendees also will hear about trends, best practices, and lessons learned along the way, as well as what likely lies ahead with the return of elective surgeries, an expected rise in behavioral and mental health needs, the ongoing and important role that telehealth plays, and other mid- and long-term projections for the staffing industry.

    Shane Jackson

    President, Jackson Healthcare

    Jackson is president of Jackson Healthcare, a family of 16 companies and 1,500 associates specializing in temporary and permanent health care staffing. He has also served as president of, Patient Placement Systems, and NextStart Capital. Jackson has been named among the 100 most influential people in the staffing industry by Staffing Industry Analysts and as one of the most accomplished young business leaders in Atlanta by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. He is an advocate for the power of business leaders as a positive force for people and the community—his book Fostering Culture addresses intentionally nurturing a values-led culture. Jackson serves on the board of Junior Achievement of Atlanta and the Goodman Institute. He is vice chairman of the health and wellness policy committee for the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, as well as the state’s goBeyondProfit business initiative that promotes the belief that giving back is good for business and good for Georgia. Jackson earned a master of business administration degree from Emory University, and a bachelor of business administration degree from Harding University. He and his wife reside in Alpharetta, GA, with their three children.

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    This is the recording of the 2020 ASA Virtual Staffing Connect—Day Two Breakout session, Producer track: Crisis Communication Do’s and Don’ts. Please click on the title of the recording to continue.

    Effective communication is a top challenge of nearly all companies in good times. Add in the uncertainty and fear that accompanies a worldwide pandemic, and the ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders is more important than ever.

    In this session, staffing professionals—including recruiters, marketers, branch managers, account reps, and more—will learn about proven tactics that will enable them to

    • Communicate confidently amid uncertainty
    • Quickly adapt their communication efforts to reach all stakeholders
    • Understand what fellow employees, clients, and other associates need from them during challenging times

    Participate in this lively session, make connections with other staffing professionals, and gain the knowledge you need to succeed right now in the months ahead.

    Linda Sasser

    CEO, Impacting Leaders

    Sasser is the founder and chief executive officer of Impacting Leaders, a leadership development and organizational growth firm that specializes in providing consulting, coaching, and training to individual leaders, teams, and organizations. Her enthusiasm for staffing and HR began more than 25 years ago as the small business owner of five Express Personnel Services locations in and around Austin, TX. With more than two decades of experience owning and operating multiple staffing franchised locations as well as serving as the sales and marketing executive for a staffing franchisor, Sasser brings a unique perspective in leadership through the lens of a veteran staffing professional.

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    This is the recording of the 2020 ASA Virtual Staffing Connect—Day Two Breakout session, Executive track: Cracking the Culture Code Through Covid. Please click on the title of the recording to continue.

    A strong culture is not easy to create during “normal” work circumstances and even harder through crisis. During a time of disruption, organizations need a plan to ensure they continue to create a work experience that is unique and valued by employees. When purpose and values are aligned on the front lines, it will impact performance and the bottom line.

    Leaders set the tone by creating cultures of innovation, collaboration, and empowerment, and adopting an innovative approach to developing talent and aligning everyone on the team with what they do best.

    When executive leadership understands that it’s not just about talent acquisition, but talent activation, the ROI speaks for itself.

    Merbler will lead the discussion on

    • How executive initiatives can play a significant role in employee engagement, growth, and company branding.
    • How to lead and inspire remote teams so they want to work harder for you.
    • How you can lead strategically by bringing to life your company’s values and building a culture of accountability to drive business initiatives.
    • How developing a strengths-based culture can result in high performance that impacts the bottom line.

    Kelly Merbler

    Principal, The Kelly Merbler Co.

    As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and John Maxwell-certified speaker, Merbler provides a wide variety of leadership and coaching services to individuals and corporate clients. The most popular and effective programs are StrengthsFinder team building workshops and Strengths Based Leadership development programs for many types of organizations. The Kelly Merbler Co. is a leadership consulting firm based in South Florida specializing in Strengths-based employee engagement and retention programs, culture building, keynote speaking, and leadership development programs. Prior to starting her coaching enterprise, Merbler spent 21 years as a regional executive with a global staffing organization, where she was responsible for hiring, developing, and building successful sales and operations teams. She is past president of the Florida Staffing Association.

  • Course not yet rated Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 07/16/2020

    This is the recording of the 2020 ASA Virtual Staffing Connect—Day Two Breakout session, Producer track: Strategies for Staying Top-of-Mind With Candidates, Clients, and Corporate Employees. Please click on the title of the recording to continue.

    Want to know the best way to stay top-of-mind with your candidates, clients, and corporate employees when you can’t meet face-to-face? The answer is simple: provide them with something they need and want. However, you must have sound operational strategies in place to succeed.

    This session will deliver strategies to provide value and increase engagement during these uncertain times that will pay off in the long term. Emerge well-positioned for the inevitable “bounce back” to better times.

    Modrak will lead the discussion on how to

    • Develop a sound plan
    • Leverage communication and technology
    • Provide useful information and resources
    • Build meaningful relationships virtually

    Rachel Modrak

    Partner, Staffing eTrainer

    Modrak is a staffing industry trainer and consultant. She started her career in 1997, and throughout her 17-year tenure with CoWorx, she played a critical role in the operational strategy. She went on to work for Adecco as vice president of operations, where she supported a $350+ million division providing strategy in service for large clients, order fulfillment, and associate recruiting and retention. In 2017 she created Apex Staffing Consulting Group to provide strategic solutions that solve problems by improving strategy, training, and hiring.

  • Course not yet rated Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 07/16/2020

    This is the recording of the 2020 ASA Virtual Staffing Connect—Day Two Breakout session, Executive track: Managing Virtually in Uncertain Times. Please click on the title of the recording to continue.

    These are uncertain times; it’s no longer business as usual. Employees (as well as your clients and candidates) are now working from home. How do you effectively manage and motivate employees to focus on the task at hand?

    Butler Street has been operating 100% virtually since its inception, making it the ideal organization to help leaders manage virtually as effectively as possible while preparing for post-Covid-19 realities. What will the industry look like when this is over? Jacoutot will address this question and many others.

    He also will share insights on:

    • Communication best practices
    • Managing performance and accountability
    • Leveraging the power of teamwork
    • Balancing autonomy with responsibility
    • Building a stronger, more engaged organization

    Mike Jacoutot

    Founder and Managing Partner

    Butler Street

    Jacoutot is the founder and managing partner of Butler Street. Before founding Butler Street in 2013, he spent nine years as chief executive officer of a national health care staffing company a revenue cycle company. His strong process and management skills have delivered consistent operating results across multiple industries. He is one of few industry suppliers to have been included on the SIA Staffing 100 list. Jacoutot is the author of Become the Only Choice, which emphasizes a combination of consultative selling and process management techniques to enable salespeople to sell the way clients buy.

  • Course not yet rated Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 07/15/2020

    This is the recording of the 2020 ASA Virtual Staffing Connect—Day One Breakout session, Producer track: Prospecting and Selling—Now and After the Economy Rebounds.

    During this interactive session, Shad Tidler will help you explore and identify the challenges of continuing to prospect and sell during the current changing and challenging environment.

    Tidler will share specific strategies and tactics for you and your company to focus on, with real-world examples for each area. The focus will be on what you can control in the areas of behavior, attitude, and technique to be as productive as possible. Get procedures you can put in place immediately to help your company continue to prospect, sell, and grow today and in the future.

    Shad E. Tidler


    Lushin and Associates

    Tidler brings a level of intensity, discipline, and contagious enthusiasm to his work and life, as well as a healthy appreciation for both challenge and change. Over the last 15 years, Tidler has worked in sales, business development, market strategy, rate negotiation and pricing management, contract negotiation, and operations in the transportation/logistics/supply chain industry in the U.S. and Asia. Over the past five years, Tidler has used his experience as a student and teacher to help business owners and their sales teams in various industries—including the staffing industry—fight through the challenges of managing and growing a strong sales pipeline. He works with sales teams by challenging their current mindset, techniques, and behaviors to build a high-growth sales organization. He knows how to loosen up the room and facilitate engaging sessions so that people walk away with a greater understanding of how to increase their sales potential and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • Course not yet rated Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 07/15/2020

    This is the recording of the 2020 ASA Virtual Staffing Connect—Day One Breakout session, Executive Track: CEO Speed Talks—Targeted, High-Level Discussions.

    Join staffing industry executives for targeted, insightful, TED Talk-style discussions—designed to spark innovative thinking and strategic connections among staffing executives.

    These engaging, thought-provoking talks will focus on today’s most pressing topics, including the new normal world of work and business opportunities amid current challenges. Join your fellow c-suite executives for this high-level, fast-paced session.

    Leo Sheridan

    CEO, Advanced Group

    Sheridan is chief executive officer and president of the Advanced Group, a staffing and outsourcing solutions provider with offices across the U.S. In 1988, Sheridan founded Advanced Resources, and as the firm quickly expanded, he added additional businesses to create the Advanced Group. Today, the Advanced Group includes Advanced Resources, Advanced Clinical, the WunderLand Group, and Advanced RPO. Sheridan earned a bachelor of science degree in business administration from St. Michael’s College in Vermont, and completed the executive management program at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He has provided leadership to a variety of professional organizations, including TechServe Alliance, the American Staffing Association, and the Young Presidents’ Organization. Sheridan serves on the board of directors and the board of trustees for Cristo Rey Network. He is ASA first vice chairman.

    Teresa Carroll

    Teresa Carroll, public board member and former president, Kelly Services

    Teresa Carroll is a transformative, dynamic business executive who brings extensive board experience and a proven track record of driving change and delivering results, including architecting multiple turnarounds and leading a $2 billion operating unit to sustained record-setting profits. Carroll has held several leadership roles, including simultaneously serving as executive vice president, president of global talent solutions, and general manager of sales, marketing, and human resources, all for Kelly Services. Carroll’s board experience includes serving as an independent director of Zovio, an education management and technology company, and as a member of the Conference Board’s Labor Market Institute Advisory Board. Carroll earned a master of business administration from the University of Michigan. She is a member of the Society of Women Engineers and founding council member of Leadership in Action, Kelly Services’ business resource group for the development and advocacy of female leaders.

    Threase Baker, TSC, CSP


    Abbtech Professional Resources

    Baker is president and an owner of Abbtech Professional Resources Inc. Based in Washington, DC, the company supports both the government and private sectors by providing information technology, engineering, and office–clerical staffing services, as well as personal identity verification. Baker has more than 20 years of staffing industry experience. She is past president of the Capital Area Staffing Association.

  • Course not yet rated Contains 1 Component(s) Recorded On: 07/15/2020

    This is the recording of the 2020 ASA Virtual Staffing Connect—Day One General Session: Ask the ASA Legal Team—Your Pressing Questions.

    This Q&A session will be a fast-paced and unique opportunity to get your current legal questions addressed by the most knowledgeable attorneys in the staffing and recruiting industry. By participating in this session, you will get up-to-the-minute information and perspectives from the ASA legal team, which has been working with other legal experts and ASA allies throughout the pandemic to ensure that staffing companies have the information and resources they need.

    Stephen Dwyer

    Senior Vice President and Chief Legal and Operating Officer

    American Staffing Association

    Stephen Dwyer is a leading authority on the legal and public policy aspects of staffing. He engages in and coordinates the association’s legal and public affairs activities and advises the staffing industry on labor and employment law and policy issues. He has testified before legislatures and regulatory bodies regarding, and written extensively and spoken widely on, the staffing industry. Before joining ASA, he was associated with the New York multinational law firm Chadbourne & Parke, as well as De Forest & Duer, a 100-year-old Wall Street firm. Dwyer is a member of the New York; New Jersey; Massachusetts; Virginia; and Washington, DC bar associations.

    Ed Lenz, Esq.

    Senior Counsel

    American Staffing Association

    Lenz is one of the nation’s leading authorities on the legal and policy aspects of staffing. He joined the American Staffing Association in 1989 as the association’s first general counsel and later, as senior vice president for legal and public affairs, was the industry’s chief legal and legislative strategist. Since passage of the Affordable Care Act, Lenz has led the industry’s advocacy efforts before Congress and the administration regarding how the ACA uniquely affects staffing companies. Before joining ASA, he was vice president and assistant general counsel for regulatory affairs with Kelly Services and chairman of the ASA legislative committee. In addition to his ongoing leadership role with ASA, Lenz also serves as senior adviser for employment, labor, and benefits to the law firm Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky and Popeo PC.

    Toby Malara, Esq.

    Vice President, Government Relations

    American Staffing Association

    Malara is vice president of government relations for the American Staffing Association. He advises on all staffing-related legislation and regulation, including the Affordable Care Act, immigration/I-9, paid sick leave, sales tax, and per diem issues. He also directs the association’s political activities through its political action committee, StaffingPAC. Malara graduated from Georgetown University and earned a juris doctorate degree from the Columbus School of Law at Catholic University.

    Brittany Sakata, Esq.

    Associate General Counsel

    American Staffing Association

    Sakata is an experienced labor and employment attorney with more than 10 years of experience litigating matters on behalf of individuals and employers. She advises American Staffing Association members on labor and employment law and policy issues, including equal employment opportunity, wage and hour, immigration/I-9, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and National Labor Relations Board issues. Sakata graduated from George Mason University and earned a juris doctorate degree from the Washington College of Law at American University.