Coffee With a Black Guy (#CWABG)

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Led by Coffee With a Black Guy (#CWABG) founder James Joyce III, #CWABG took the digital world by storm in 2020—appearing on several podcasts and convening live virtual conversations for companies, communities, and other groups. What exactly is #CWABG? It is an innovative social impact movement that seeks to merge the tactile and digital worlds to bring greater understanding, compassion, empathy, and love in our shared global community. Share stories, have conversations, impart perspective, or just listen and learn about inclusive workplaces from fellow citizens of the world. Joyce is a proven analytical thinker, speaker, and writer who has a knack for addressing potentially tense situations head-on while creating ease and space for shared growth in the process. So sit back, grab your cup of coffee, and get ready to participate in one of the most meaningful conversations you’ll have at Staffing World.

James Joyce III, founder, Coffee With a Black Guy LLC


Recording: Coffee With a Black Guy (#CWABG)
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