Ensuring Health and Safety When Threats Are All Around

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Recorded On: 10/19/2020

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For the staffing and recruiting industry, nothing is more important than ensuring that employees are safe at work—and Covid-19 has intensified the industry‚Äôs focus and commitment to worker safety and well-being. Join Sharon Davis as she discusses ways that Elwood Staffing Services has addressed some of the most pressing industry safety measures, including personal protective equipment (PPE) issues and regulations, new job opportunities, modified duty employees, Occupational Safety and Health Administration updates, Centers for Disease Control guidelines, and more. Health and safety may have once been as clear as day—but now, versatility and flexibility may be key.

Sharon Davis, CSHO

occupational safety manager, Elwood Staffing Services

Davis is an experienced loss prevention and safety professional. She serves as occupational safety manager for Elwood Staffing Services and has a diverse industry background developing innovative, people-focused health, safety, and risk management programs with outstanding, repeatable results. Davis is highly effective in identifying risk trends and developing solutions to eliminate, prevent, or reduce risks through loss-control programs, education, and training. She has served as chairman of the ASA workplace safety committee for six years.


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