Full Onboarding Series

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Purchase the entire Onboarding Series for your new hires - which includes the following modules and courses. 

Module 1: Introduction to the Staffing Industry

Course 1: Welcome to the Staffing Industry 

Course 2: Staffing Industry Growth Trends and Market Influencers 

Course 3: Innovative Solutions to Meet Customer Needs

Module 2: Fundamentals of Sales

Course 1: The Client Relationship

Course 2: Generating New Clients

Course 3: Conducting Effective Sales Meetings

Course 4: Negotiating for a Win-Win


Module 3: Fundamentals of Recruiting

Course 1: The Candidate Relationship & Recruitment Planning

Course 2: Attracting and Recruiting Candidates

Course 3: Interviewing Candidates

Course 4: Candidate Engagement and Retention

Course 5: The New Language of Staffing