Make Your Strategy a Reality

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Recorded On: 05/13/2020

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This is the recording of the session, Make Your Strategy a Reality.

Your world has been rocked by current events. You know you need to adjust your company’s strategy—and you may already have a plan for how to do that. But how do you engage your people to take action and execute that plan? How do you prepare your team to make necessary changes quickly and navigate new realities? According to a recent McKinsey study, 70% of strategies fail. The issue, however, is rarely bad strategy—but rather how your people interpret that strategy and shift behaviors to make it a reality.

As CEO of, Chris Taylor has worked with more than 2,000 organizations across 17 countries and virtually every business sector to increase the likelihood that strategic programs can succeed. By the end of this session, you will be able to effectively communicate your growth strategies and tactical adjustments in a way that engages the hearts and minds of your teams and increases your odds of success.

Chris Taylor


Taylor founded Actionable in 2008 with a goal of helping leaders and teams access new ideas through actionable books. More than 10 years later, Actionable is used in more than 400 organizations in 14 countries. A sought-after speaker, and the creator of the “21st Century Workplace” podcast, Taylor speaks about the forces causing culture change and affecting the learning and development landscape. Prior to founding Actionable, Taylor held senior sales and marketing leadership roles in advertising and consumer goods companies. Taylor lives in Toronto with his wife and young son.


Recording: Make Your Strategy a Reality
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