Taking Interviews to the Next Level With Real-Life Working Sessions

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Recorded On: 10/19/2020

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Have your hiring managers ever left an interview without really understanding how a candidate would approach the job? They’re not alone. Rather than a routine résumé walk-through, strategic working sessions allow hiring managers to see how a candidate thinks and communicates—in the context of his or her unique needs and abilities—so managers can understand how a candidate will make an immediate impact in the role. In this session, you will learn about the tangible benefits of implementing working sessions—to give talent practitioners the tools they need to successfully bring these to life and reap the benefits of strategic candidate placement for their organizations.

Shad E. Tidler


Lushin and Associates

Tidler brings a level of intensity, discipline, and contagious enthusiasm to his work and life, as well as a healthy appreciation for both challenge and change. Over the last 15 years, Tidler has worked in sales, business development, market strategy, rate negotiation and pricing management, contract negotiation, and operations in the transportation/logistics/supply chain industry in the U.S. and Asia. Over the past five years, Tidler has used his experience as a student and teacher to help business owners and their sales teams in various industries—including the staffing industry—fight through the challenges of managing and growing a strong sales pipeline. He works with sales teams by challenging their current mindset, techniques, and behaviors to build a high-growth sales organization. He knows how to loosen up the room and facilitate engaging sessions so that people walk away with a greater understanding of how to increase their sales potential and competitive advantage in the marketplace.


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