Tech Talk: Build or Buy: Why Not Both?

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In the last 12 months, we’ve seen explosive growth in certain staffing software—particularly staffing platforms as a service. With Covid accelerating the pace of digital transformation in the industry, and new entrants providing candidates with more self-serve options, agencies find themselves at a crossroads: Transform or get left behind. And when making the choice to digitally transform, there are a few options that staffing agencies have. Build new software or buy it. Both options have their advantages, and we can see success playing out in either direction, but how do firms know which is the right decision for them? And what if they didn’t have to choose but instead could have the best of both worlds? In this session, presenter Rohan Jacob will dive into what to expect from building your own solution (where typical off-the-shelf solutions might fall short of solving your problems), and the advantages of customizable software that can solve your firm’s specific problems without you needing to resource yourself as a software development company.

Rohan Jacob, founder and CEO, TimeSaved


Recording: Tech Talk: Build or Buy: Why Not Both?
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