The Fundamentals of Sales: Onboarding Series Module 2

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This Fundamentals of Sales Onboarding Module has been specifically designed for professionals who are new to the industry or for those who just want a refresher. This is one of three modules in the Onboarding Series.

The Fundamentals of Sales module includes the following courses: 

Course 1: The Client Relationship

  • The client market
  • An effective sales approach

Course 2: Generating New Clients

  • Identifying prospective clients
  • Prospecting calls
  • Other methods of prospecting

Course 3: Conducting Effective Sales Meetings

  • Probe to understand their business
  • Reframe and offer solutions
  • Overcome objections and close
  • Retain and grow the relationship

Course 4: Negotiating for a Win-Win

  • Effective negotiation
  • Prepare big. Win big
  • Ask more. Learn more.
  • Close for commitment