Trends in Immigration Enforcement: Hiring Preferences, Virtual I-9s, and More

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Recorded On: 05/05/2022

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This is the recording of the 2022 ASA Staffing Law Conference session: Trends in Immigration Enforcement: Hiring Preferences, Virtual I-9s, and More. 

As the demand for talent is greater than ever, staffing firms throughout the U.S. are trying to encourage workers of all backgrounds to apply. However, using hiring preferences and language in job ads that could be construed as favoring individuals based on citizenship can create significant legal liabilities. Learn how to thread this legal needle and get the latest information on the status of virtual I-9s—and whether there is any hope that they’re here to stay—plus hear how to navigate the latest immigration rules to avoid fines and protect your company.

Helen Konrad, Esq.


McCandlish Holton PC

Konrad is director in the immigration practice group of the law firm McCandlish Holton PC, where she concentrates on work site compliance; defending employers in U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Special Counsel, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigations; and employment-based and professional immigration. She has worked directly with the staffing industry for nearly 20 years and has shared her extensive expertise with staffing professionals at Staffing World®, through American Staffing Association webinars, and at past ASA Staffing Law Conferences. Konrad has regularly been recognized as one of the best immigration lawyers in America and she is consistently one of the highest-rated speakers at ASA events.

Dawn Lurie, Esq.

Senior Counsel

Seyfarth Shaw LLP

For years, Lurie has assisted clients in understanding and influencing immigration regulations and policy. She counts herself among a small number of practitioners nationally who have dedicated their practice exclusively to I-9 worksite enforcement and immigration compliance matters. Lurie co-chairs Seyfarth Shaw’s immigration and compliance specialty team and drives the management of the practice, promoting process-oriented offerings to clients. She routinely assists clients in immigration-related government I-9 audits or internal assessments, including electronic I-9 due diligence reviews. She provides proactive counseling on I-9 hiring practices, including immigration-related discrimination and E-Verify process, as well as monitoring and compliance matters. Lurie defends employers in civil and criminal workplace enforcement actions, conducting immigration-related internal investigations and due diligence and analysis of I-9 issues in mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate transactions.


Recording: Trends in Immigration Enforcement: Hiring Preferences, Virtual I-9s, and More
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