The Fundamentals of Recruiting: Onboarding Series Module 3

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This Fundamentals of Recruiting Onboarding module has been specifically designed for professionals who are new to the industry or for those who just want a refresher. This is one of three modules in the Onboarding Series. 

The Fundamentals of Recruiting module includes the following courses: 

Course 1: The Candidate Relationship & Recruitment Planning

  • The candidate mindset
  • The candidate experience
  • The shifting workforce

Course 2: Attracting and Recruiting Candidates

  • Attracting top candidates
  • Using social media
  • Recruiting calls and winning candidates
  • Legal Do’s and Don’ts

Course 3: Interviewing Candidates

  • Elements of an effective interview
  • Introductions and information gathering
  • Establishing expectations
  • Legal Do’s and Don’ts during an interview

Course 4: Candidate Engagement and Retention

  • Building your brand and uncovering decision drivers
  • Engagement and retention

Course 5: The New Language of Staffing

  • The job seeker mindset
  • The new language of staffing
  • Putting the research to work